Malvan - A Land of Warriors

Malvan is a place that has lots to offer. Enjoy a dip in the ocean and play in the waves of the safe Tarkarli beach, walk down the alleys of history at the Sindhudurg Sea Fort, go Snorkelling to explore the underwater treasures, be amazed at the beauty of the rock gardens and savour the world famous Malvani cuisines during your holiday in Malvan.

Malvan offers the unique opportunity of exploring underwater aquatic life and rockscapes. Malvan is the only place in Maharashtra where you can indulge yourself in the adventire of snorkeling and scuba diving in Maharashtra.

The Sindhudurg sea fort built by Shivaji Maharaj is worth exploring where descendands of the families of that era still live.

A land famous for its secluded beaches you could go on a beach hopping spree in Malvan. Apart from Chivla you could visit the famous Tarkarli beach. Devbag is a pininsular where you could visit the confluence of Karli river and the Arabian sea. A boat ride up the river starting from the creek is full of beautiful and surprising moments. The ride against the river nearing the end of its journey is amazingly swift. The waters however, hide the turmoil within and itís only when some troubled dolphin jumps to the surface that one gets the true picture of the abyss. The rivers banks are covered with verdant forests and offer one of the most picturesque boat rides one can undertake!

There are also some exotic islands off the coast here. The Nivati rocks is one of the beautiful rocky island here apart from the lighthouse island with a beautiful beach.
Dolphin Sighting Boat Rides
Snindhudurg Fort
Scuba diving and Snorkeling
Pristine Tarkarli Beach
Rosary Church - Malvan
Sindhudurg Fort
Rock Garden - Malvan
Snorkeling in Malvan
Tarkarli Beach